NELL (넬) - Perfect 

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Bought this hat on sale and thrifted these shoes a while back. Haven’t gotten around to wear the shoes yet because of all of the ice that’s still around. I’d freaking slip and break my back or something if I did. I like the hat but it’s made out of fucking cat hair????? Apparently that sort of cats lose a lot of hair it’s used to make clothes etc ANYWAY I’M ALLERGIC TO CATS AND THE HAT MAKES MY DAMN SCALP ITCH. Didn’t even think about checking that when I bought it. Thinking maybe I can put some lining inside or something but I prolly won’t cuz I’m lazy SO IMMA USE IT ANYWAY WOOPWOOP.

I totally forgot about this blog since it’s not my main blog. Going to try to go on this one more often!

Hmm, so what’s been going on in my life since last time I went on this blog? I don’t know, I feel like a lot has happened but at the same time not really lol. I’ve turned 18 and I guess turned into an adult, though I don’t feel much like one. I’ve gone to more parties, experienced hangovers, been robbed of a kiss, become closer to my friends, cut my hair, successfully held an event for some Japanese students who were visiting, and um what else.. I’m currently in my last semester of high school and it’s coming to an end in a new months and it’s really scary but super exciting at the same timelkdshg. If things go as planned I’ll be going to Korea after I graduate! I’ll spend about a year there studying and going on adventures and doing everything I always wanted. I’ve dreamed about going for about 5 years and now that I can go I sort of can’t because my life is a mess and I don’t want to talk about it ugh. 

I hate being confused about what to do.. (FRAMTIDSPRESS!!!!!!!) I feel like there’s so much that interests me but I don’t have the courage to do anything. I really hope I can go to Korea. I feel like it would help me grow in so many ways and I can’t waitdsgklhegöoddshäökåp!!!! Curious about what that experience will bring me!